bp-tinymce plugin with greek

If you are using the  http://teleogistic.net/code/buddypress/bp-tinymce/  plugin for Buddypress you will  noticed that Greek characters are stored as  HTML special characters into the db table.

For example “Ποια” is stored as Ποια


make the following change in bp-tinymce.php line: 50

<?php echo apply_filters( ‘bp_tinymce_tmce_settings’, ‘tinyMCE.init({entity_encoding:”raw”,mode : “specific_textareas”, editor_deselector: “ac-input”, language : “wp-langs-en”, theme : “advanced”, theme_advanced_buttons1 : “bold,italic,bullist,numlist,blockquote,link,unlink”, theme_advanced_buttons2 : “”, theme_advanced_buttons3 : “”, language : “en”,theme_advanced_toolbar_location : “top”, theme_advanced_toolbar_align : “left”});’ ) ?>


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