How to change the “Documents’ strings at Buddypress Group Documents plugin

A user asked me how he can change the ”..documents..” strings from Buddypress Group Documents plugin into e.x “Files”. This is maybe useful if you have also Budddypress Docs installed.
In oder to accombised this, you can make use of the /languages/en_US.po file.
Open it with poEdit and add “translations’ in order to replace the strings which contains “documents”, ‘document’ to the desired strings.



  1. 1

    Thank you so much… that was very helpful.
    However, two things remain untranslated – the group menu item (still says Documents), and the header “Documents List”.
    I can’t find “Documents List” anywhere in the plugin directory. Do you know how to fix these items?


  2. 2
    Adam Campbell Says:

    Sorry to bug you again, but I’m not sure if you received my last comment (don’t see it posted here).

    Do you have any advice for changing the slug to, for example, “Files”? Well, that and the header “Documents List”…

    The POEdit technique worked great for everything but those two cases.


  3. 3
    Adam Campbell Says:

    Oops, there I am. Sorry about the repeat post 😦 .

  4. 4
    Adam Campbell Says:

    Er, um… Please disregard my previous comments.
    Just noticed the setting for changing the Nav item. 🙂


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