BuddyPress Hashtags LS

I’m in a process of making a hashtag plugin, based on BuddyPress Activity Stream Hashtags.

The Buddypress Hashtags LS plugin:

  • it doesn’t alter the activity contents instead all hashtags are stored in a new db table in order to make lighter queries in activity table
  • it supports unicode ex. Greek language
  • it provides a “Popular terms” widget.
  • it provides a shortcode [ls_bp_hashtags] which accept same arguments as wp_generate_tag_cloud() function.
  • in multisite installation it also includes the tags and categories of each post
  • in multisite installation, if a hashtag is inside the post content it also has link to the related activity.

I have tested with the latest BP 2 RC. The base functionality seems OK.

Things which need fixing are:

  • Unistaller function
  • Popular terms” widget. Add parameters
  • Related Activity listing. Find a way to display activities from private or hidden groups.
  • Create a Activity tab “Terms sitewide”
  • Create a “similar activity” widget for use under a blog post in case of multisite installation.
  • “Trends”. This is a difficult one 🙂

It would be great if someone try it or even contribute to it.

The alpha version of “BuddyPress Hashtags LS ” is available at https://github.com/lenasterg/ls_bp_hashtags

Keep in mind that it is still alpha version so don’t use it in a production site, cause:

1. The plugin creates a new db table, which is not deleted when the plugin is deactivated.

2. The plugin alters the activity contents by adding a link to each tag, prior inserting into the activity table.  This link don’t change when the plugin is deactivated.



3 thoughts on “BuddyPress Hashtags LS

  1. Hi

    I can send You a copy of a plugin from Codecanyon I’m using. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t update it anymore and barely replies the support. Please let me know if you are interested and the email to send it.

    Thanks for your effort in this!


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