Add download funtionality to Royal PrettyPhoto plugin

A way to extend Royal prettyPhoto plugin to support download image functionality is via Javascript.

Just put the following lines into the functions.php of your theme file.

 * Adds download functionality to prettyPhoto plugin
 * @author lenasterg
function ls_prettyPhoto_Download() {
 echo '<style>.pp_download{ background: #ccc; border-radius: 3px; height: 25px; padding: 4px;}</style>

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
 changepicturecallback: function(){
 $getit= settings.image_markup.replace(/{path}/g,pp_images[set_position]);
 jQuery(".pp_pic_holder").find(\'.pp_details .pp_download_place\').html(\'Download\');


You can download the above code also from gist:


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