WordPress/BuddyPress fanatic, who tries to keep up with the changes in the web development world (not always successfully 🙂 ).

I love to debug, fix broken things, extend functionalities and share them with others.This love, led me to participate to the WordPress and BuddyPress community, by contributing with new plugins, “resurrect” broken plugins, bug fixes and contribute to Greek translations.

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  1. Hello, I hope you can please help me. I am trying to find a solution to replace an old ASP site that shares resources and holds profile info for hundreds of missionaries.

    I was wondering if buddypress plus your file share plugin might be what we need ???

    Example: We have groups by nation like Ireland, Kenya and so on. They all have directors and need graphics and brochures and we share a weekly video for download and just a lot of PDFs and Docs. People login and can search through the category list and sub lists to find files to download. I also need to upload them through the site or FTP. They can be very large too like 1.5 gig and so on.

    This is also a place for all directors to login and create profiles for all the missionaries in that nation. Do you think it will be a match?


    • Dino, hi.
      I’m not sure that I unterstand exactly what you want to do. If I got it right, your documents are available for all members of the site and not only for the members of a particular group (ex only from Kenya). I think you will need Buddypress with a “twist”.
      It would be better if you post your question at http://buddypress.org/support/) , where are many Buddypress experts, you can give you a more concrete answer.

      Sorry, I couldn’t be much of a help 🙂


  2. Hello lenasterg,
    I have your plug in BP Group Documents and have successfully added a group, but when I try to add a person to the group, I get this message: The following users could not be added to the group: “name”

    I’ve also tried adding the name as an email address. What is wrong?

    Thank you.


  3. Hi,
    In the fantastic BP Group Documents plugin that you created, when users upload documents, where can we retrieve these documents files in the WordPress Dashboard? I’ve looked all over for them within the CMS but cannot find them.

    I hope you can respond. Thanks very much


    • Hi gee.
      Actually you are right. You can only view/download the files from the frontend via the Group->Files page.
      There is no WP dashboard page for doing that.


  4. Hi!

    First, I have to say thank you for the hard work you have put into BP Group Documents.

    I know you are quite busy, but if I may request your help.

    I have BP Group Documents installed and the plugin will send an email every time a new document is added, edited or deleted. I use the plugin BuddyPress Group Email Subscription so my users will get a “Daily Digest” email and not be flooded with emails….

    Is there anyway I can get your plugin to work in collaboration with your plugin to be grouped into the “Daily Digest” email?

    Or can you help me in at least modifying the plugin to turn off the “Edit” Emails and “Deleted” Emails?

    Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you in advance. You’re work is truly superb.


  5. Hello Lena,

    I just tried out your “BP Group Documents” plugin. Unfortunately I do not get the right link to the document after uploading, but always land on the home page. Is there a way to fix this error?

    Thank you and best regards,


  6. Hi @lenasterg I liked your BP group documents Plugin for buddypress but lately it has stopped working. It doesn’t give me an error at all but instead decides not to upload the document that I want/need. When will this issue be fixed.
    I hope all is well.


      • Let me give you some more info. From the group page when I click on the document icon to upload anything it doesn’t post to the stream but instead puts the document into the document tab and doesn’t send an email to the people who subscribed to emails. From the document tab it posts to front page as well but sends email with a weird template that is different then my default email template.


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