Extension plugin: Tabs for Buddypress Activity Plus uploaded videos, images, links

A very useful Buddypress plugin is  Buddypress Activity plus which adds 3 new buttons to your BuddyPress activity stream. Enabling you to attach photos, videos, and even share web links with everyone on your network.

But I needed to have in separate tabs the uploaded photo, videos and links, like in the following picture.


So I made an extension for the Buddypress Activity plus plugin.

You can find the plugin in  http://blogs.sch.gr/stergatu/files/2013/07/LS-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs.zip

Download from  http://wordpress.org/plugins/ls-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs-extension/.


==version  2  2/8/2013 ==

  • * Change visibility of tabs to private
    * Fix a bug which displayed the tabs on the create group steps

Slideshare shortcode for wordpress 3.5

If you upgraded your WP installation to 3.5 and you had the SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast plugin to use shortcode , now you are in a dead end.
The plugin  breaks 3.5’s Slideshare own embed function but if you unistall it you simple get
[‘slideshare id=10400276&doc=ancientgreecejeopardy-111130094646-phpapp02’] in to your posts already made.

There are two solutions:

add_shortcode( 'slideshare', 'my_slideshare_shortcode' );

function my_slideshare_shortcode( $atts ) {

// We need to use the WP_Embed class instance
global $wp_embed;

// The "id" parameter is required
if ( empty($atts['id']) )
return '';

// Construct the YouTube URL
$url = 'http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/' . $atts['id'];

// Run the URL through the handler.
// This handler handles calling the oEmbed class
// and more importantly will also do the caching!
return $wp_embed->shortcode( $atts, $url );

Buddypress Group Documents for BP 1.7 and WP 3.5.1

A beta version for the Buddypress Group Documents, compatible with BP 1.7. and WP 3.5.1 is ready.

Since it is a beta version –  try it on a dev server first  but not in one which shares the blogs.dir with the production server

In order to make the plugin Buddypress Group Documents available through plugin repository of wordpress.org, we renamed it to BP Group Documents.

So from now on you can download it as BP Group Documents , leave feedback etc. in http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-documents/.

== Upgrade Notice ==
If you upgrade from older version (previous 0.5.4)  you must also add a your .htaccess in order
to ensure that requests to the old URLs are redirected to the new, hardened URL. That line is:

RewriteRule ^wp\-content/blogs\.dir/1/files/group\-documents/(.*) /?get_group_doc=$1 [R,L]

==Note for Windows server==

If you run a windows server and you get errors about mb_convert_case  function which is a default php function (see http://php.net/manual/en/function.mb-convert-case.php), you must uncomment the line with php_mbstring.dll in your php.ini

BETA TESTERS needed!!!

I ‘ld be glad if you drop a line to let me know if it works or not for you.

You can say “Thank You” via my Amazon wish list


or just  


UPDATE 25/10/2013:
I remove the links to previous versions, since it is STRONGLY recommended to update to version >1.2  from http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-documents/

Changing excerpt more

If you want to change the way the excerpt is displayed you can use to two new filters for excerpt, see http://wpengineer.com/1684/wordpress-2-9-new-excerpt-filters/ for details

For example if you want to change the excerpt more from [..] to “Read more” just add to  your theme functions.php the following

// Changing excerpt more

function new_excerpt_more($more) {
global $post;
return '… ' . __('Read More') . '';
add_filter('excerpt_more', 'new_excerpt_more');