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Yet another plugin resurrection :-) BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types for BP 2.x

November 14, 2014

Since I manage a very large BP community, I was in a need  of a plugin which reduces the data recorded in the bp_activity table, which stores all the Buddypress activity. A plugin that would  “block” an activity record from being saved to the stream/database. Activities like user joining groups, friendships and profile updates.

But the only plugin which does this was BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types which was great, but is hasn’t been updated in over 2 years and so isn’t compatible with BP 2.x.

screenshot-1So, based on the ideas and footsteps of this plugin creators I made an updated version for Buddypress 2.x. :-), which uses the Settings API of wordpress and adds a “Buddypress Block Activity Stream Types”  section into Buddypress Settings admin page.

The “resurrected” plugin code is currently available at 







BP Group Documents – Version 1.8

September 1, 2014

BP Group Documents  version 1.8 is available!!!

It contains fix for  Sort – “Order by” & Filter – “Category” which was not working with Pagination.

Download from

External Group RSS tab extension plugin

September 20, 2013

For a Buddypress installation of mine, I needed to add external rss feeds to groups. There is a great plugin for this work called BP External Group Blogs ( Don’t let the name fool you, it supports RSS feed from every source, not just blogs. The plugin give group creators and administrators to attach external RSS feeds to groups. The posts appear within the activity stream for the group.

But I also needed a separate group tab to display those external posts (like the documents tab). So I made a simple extension plugin which does exactly that.

The plugin is called External Group RSS tab extension and you can downloaded from





Buddypress Group Documents renamed to BP Group Documents and available on

August 30, 2013

In order to make the plugin Buddypress Group Documents  available through plugin repository of, we renamed it to BP Group Documents.

So from now on you can download it as BP Group Documents , leave feedback etc. in

Hope this help you (and me) to make the plugin better.


Buddypress Group Documents – Version 0.9

August 27, 2013

Yet another updated version of Buddypress Group Documents  in available.

in this 0.9 version the changes are:

  • Update all language files
  • Add localazition support to javascript messages
  • Fix some message strings

Download link is available at

Buddypress Group Documents – Version 0.8

August 5, 2013

An updated version of Buddypress Group Documents  in available.

in this 0.8 version the changes are:

  • New feature: Now it is possible to link from other plugins to /groups/nameofgroup/documentsslug/add. The upload form is displayed open.
  • Now BP_Group_Documents ->current_user_can($action, $group_id) takes also group_id variable. If no group_id is provided it uses current group
  • Change visibility of documents tab to private

Download link is available at

Buddypress Group Documents for BP 1.7 and WP 3.5.1 – Version 0.7

June 21, 2013

An updated version of Buddypress Group Documents for BP 1.7 and WP 3.5.1 in available.

in this 0.7 version the changes are:

  • Fix the bug which prevented the notifications setting to be saved

Download link is available at


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