BP Group Documents – Version 1.8

BP Group Documents  version 1.8 is available!!!

It contains fix for  Sort – “Order by” & Filter – “Category” which was not working with Pagination.

Download from http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-documents/


Buddypress Group Documents renamed to BP Group Documents and available on wordpress.org

In order to make the plugin Buddypress Group Documents  available through plugin repository of wordpress.org, we renamed it to BP Group Documents.

So from now on you can download it as BP Group Documents , leave feedback etc. in http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-documents/.

Hope this help you (and me) to make the plugin better.


Buddypress Group Documents – Version 0.8

An updated version of Buddypress Group Documents  in available.

in this 0.8 version the changes are:

  • New feature: Now it is possible to link from other plugins to /groups/nameofgroup/documentsslug/add. The upload form is displayed open.
  • Now BP_Group_Documents ->current_user_can($action, $group_id) takes also group_id variable. If no group_id is provided it uses current group
  • Change visibility of documents tab to private

Download link is available at https://lenasterg.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/buddypress-group-documents-for-bp-1-7-and-wp-3-5-1/