Ls Gtrans Widget: New simple widget with selectbox to Google translation for the current page.

Simple drag and drop the widget to allow your visitors to tranlate the viewed page in google tranlate. The plugin is created, due to security rescriction of wordpress. It simple displays a selectbox with more than 25 European languages. When a user selects a language a new window in opens.

  • The original language is autodetected.
  • Multisite ready.

Widget code available at:


Widget drag and drop
Widget in frontend

How to change the “Documents’ strings at Buddypress Group Documents plugin

A user asked me how he can change the ”..documents..” strings from Buddypress Group Documents plugin into e.x “Files”. This is maybe useful if you have also Budddypress Docs installed.
In oder to accombised this, you can make use of the /languages/en_US.po file.
Open it with poEdit and add “translations’ in order to replace the strings which contains “documents”, ‘document’ to the desired strings.