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LS Buddypress Activity plus tabs extension plugin on wordpress.org

The LS Buddypress Activity plus tabs extension is now  available on http://wordpress.org/plugins/ls-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs-extension/.

This extension adds tabs in groups for Buddypress activity plus uploaded videos, images, links.

Requires Buddypress activity plus plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-activity-plus/) to be installed.


Download from  http://wordpress.org/plugins/ls-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs-extension/.

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Extension plugin: Tabs for Buddypress Activity Plus uploaded videos, images, links

A very useful Buddypress plugin is  Buddypress Activity plus which adds 3 new buttons to your BuddyPress activity stream. Enabling you to attach photos, videos, and even share web links with everyone on your network.

But I needed to have in separate tabs the uploaded photo, videos and links, like in the following picture.


So I made an extension for the Buddypress Activity plus plugin.

You can find the plugin in  http://blogs.sch.gr/stergatu/files/2013/07/LS-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs.zip

Download from  http://wordpress.org/plugins/ls-buddypress-activity-plus-tabs-extension/.


==version  2  2/8/2013 ==

  • * Change visibility of tabs to private
    * Fix a bug which displayed the tabs on the create group steps